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Complete Air Products Nitrogen Generator With Atlas Copcp Air Compressor

Complete Air Products Nitrogen Generator With Atlas Copcp Air Compressor

    • Complete Air Products Nitrogen Generator With Atlas Copcp Air Compressor
    • Complete Air Products Nitrogen Generator With Atlas Copcp Air Compressor
    • Complete Air Products Nitrogen Generator With Atlas Copcp Air Compressor
  • Complete Air Products Nitrogen Generator With Atlas Copcp Air Compressor

    جزئیات محصول:

    Place of Origin: Jiangyin,Jiangsu,China
    نام تجاری: True
    گواهی: CE,ISO
    Model Number: TY


    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    قیمت: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: export standard packing
    Delivery Time: 90working days
    Supply Ability: 10 sets/month
    توضیحات محصول جزئیات
    Usage:: Coal , oil, gas ,heating treatment Brand:: True
    Voltage:: 380V/440V/220V Pressure:: 0.1-0.6 Mpa
    Flow:: 50--3000Nm3/h Material:: Carbon,stainless steel

    Nitrogen Generation Equipment


    nitrogen gas generator

    Complete Air Products Nitrogen Generator With Atlas Copcp Air Compressor
    I, Nitrogen generator system design
    Complete Air Products Nitrogen Generator With Atlas Copcp Air Compressor 0
    1.  Compressed air system

    Air compressor supply the raw material air for the nitrogen generator. The nitrogen making system need high quality,stable pressure and enough air consumption.Air compressor should use the reliable, maintenance easily,low noise,screw air compressor.
    2.  Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen making system
    Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is an advanced gas separate technique,it is widely used in gas supply field in the world.
    2 .1  Adsorbing material
    Adsorbing material is the center part of PSA nitrogen generator,Normally use the the Carbon Molecular Sieve,it can adsorb the oxygen,CO2,water in the air,but can’t adsorb the nitrogen..
    2.2  PSA principal
    Because O2 and N2 these two gas molecule have diffusion rate difference on the molecule sieve surface,O2 smaller diameter can diffuse faster,most of them inlet micropore of CMS,the large diameter N2 diffuse slowly,less of them can inlet ,use this adsorption difference come true O2 and N2 separate.
    2.3  PSA N2 making processing
    (1) Inlet air:The air compressor press the air into transporting pipe,then use the compressed air clarification system to remove the water,oil,dust and so on,reach to air buffer tank,then pass through air buffer tank into two adsorption tower.
    (2) Adsorption: When air inlet adsorption tower,during the pressure function,O2 and CO2 be adsorbed quickly.Formed N2 near the outlet position.
    (3) Air outlet :When the adsorption process working in the best status(Adsorption N2:O2 is the smallest),open the outlet valve,transport the N2 into N2 buffer tank.
    (4)  Average pressure:After finished exhaust,rest some N2 in the tower,so let it into another tower adsorb again with new air.This process is finished when the pressure of two tower is the same,so called average pressure.
    (5) Exhaust :After average pressure finished,need to releasing the air which adsorb by CMS to be ready for next adsorption,the programme will open the air releasing valve automatically,let the pressure in the tower back to the original status,meanwhile release the O2,CO2,so than the CMS can adsorb new air again.
    (6) These two tower exchange work can got N2 purity 99.9 %
    3.  Fully intelligent, automated, easier to operate
    Microcomputer control and (industrial computer system) touch screen control are built in the machine. From the microcomputer touch screen, we can understand the nitrogen generator as follows:
    (1)  Real-time working condition, total running time, working process and opening and closing statement of the valve.
    (2) When operating, just need to turn on and off the machine, set the parameters and view the system fault information through the touch screen.
    It truly realizes the unattended duty, intelligent and automated operation of the equipment. It can function as the real-time monitoring equipment of the user’s control room. If required, we can monitor distantly parameters such as the flow of finished nitrogen, purity, pressure in the user’s DCS system.
    Main parts of nitrogen generator

    PSA adsorption towerProfessional design2pieces/10kgSpecial pressure vessel manufacturer
    Carbon Molecular SieveMSC-3KT-1723500kgTakeda Japan
    Vortex airflow distributorProfessional design2 piecesTechnical Carbotech from Germany
    Self complement compact deviceProfessional design2setsJiangyin Tongyue
    single unit processing part/1 setSMC-Japan
    Sample pressure reduce valve/1 pieceSMC-Japan
    Direct current 24V power/1 setTaiwan-Mingwei

    Pneumatic valves
    Pneumatic valves

    DN1005 piecesBurkert Germany Burkert Germany
    DN504 pieces
    DN201 pieces
    Magnetic valve4V210-24V10 piecesTaiwan Airtac
    Metal flow meterLZZ-501 pieceChangzhou Shuanghuan
    Control systemTPC7062K1set(color touch screen )Kunlun Tongtai
    MufflerTY-500X1 setJiangyin Tongyue
    Pipe valve systembprofessional produce1 setJiangyin Tongyue
    PLC controllerS7-2001 setSiemens Germany
    Nitrogen analyzerP860-4N1 setShanghai Changai

     R & D  Achievements obtained:
    The enterprise attaches great importance to technological innovation and intellectual property protection work. Up to now, there have been a total of 9 patents declared, 7 of which have been authorized.

    serial numberPatent No.Patent No.( Accept No.)patent families
    1PSA highly efficient starting devicePatent No.:ZL 2010 2 0139342.9utility model
    2Automatic control system of nitrogen generator with frequency conversionPatent No.:ZL 2012 2 0408277.4utility model
    3Exhaust gas recycling and utilization devicePatent No.:ZL 2013 2 0867590.9utility model
    4Automatic control device for nitrogen purityPatent No.:ZL 2013 2 0867632.9utility model
    5PSA constant pressure constant regeneration systemPatent No.:ZL 2010 2 0139343.3utility model
    6PSA cyclone umbrella type honeycomb air flow diffusion devicePatent No.:ZL 2013 2 0139344.8utility model
    7PSA low decibel silencerPatent No.:ZL 2013 209 39345.2utility model
    8Top gathering fountain type gas collecting devicePatent No.:ZL 2010 2 0569506.1utility model
    9Dynamic cylinder pressing devicePatent No.:ZL 2011 2 0015073.Xutility model


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